9/28/11…..WEDNESDAY….Paleo day 10

We will begin our day with the Snatch high pull. This movement is an Olympic lift variation which will improve muscle development and power specific for the Snatch. Take a look at the video, get to the gym and lets go!   -TG

Strength and Skill: Snatch high pull    3-3-3-3-3


Run 400
Front Squat 135/95
Pull Ups
Run 400


12 thoughts on “9/28/11…..WEDNESDAY….Paleo day 10

  1. Snatch high pull 63#
    WOD 15:53 53# FS, band
    My legs still feel like cement from yesterday, good to run some of it out.
    Thanks! Good morning crew.

  2. Snatch high pull 73#
    I struggled w/ my form today on the high pull, not sure wat was going on…. Thanks for the help Tony! (I think I need more practice)
    WOD 16:46 73#, jumping pullups

  3. #105, 19:10 #95, band pullups.

    Dealing with neck spasms and pain. Pushing through it though. My stride is improving. I feel it lengthening out. Thanks Tony for the form and technique corrections

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