*Congrats to UTC for an astounding weekend of competition. The NLI Iron Will Crossfit Comp. was a great test of of the multiple aspects of Crossfit. Thank you Lamar for throwing another great competition.

Joey and Mitch entered into the L3 division and did very well. Joey stayed very consistent for all three wods and placed 5th overall, Mitch placed 22nd overall smashing the last wod!  Mike entered the Master Division and placed 4th overall. (he is now known as the the sandbag killer).  Great job Team UTC!

*Congrats is in order to our very own Marcus Buchecha Almeida. Marcus is now the 2012 Jiu jitsu World Pro Abu Dhabi Champion!   Below is his match this weekend …check it!


Work out of the day

Clean n jerk , 1 rep max  (10 min) 2min rest,

Run 800 m for time.


13 thoughts on “4/16/12…..Monday

  1. C&J 110#, Clean 115 no jerk
    1000m row 4:20
    100 tabata abmat situps
    THanks Tony and CONGRATS to Joey, Mike and Mitch!!

  2. 195# CnJ
    Okay, I wasnt listening! I didnt pay attention. I sprinted from street back to the box. Didnt know that’s where the finish line was. Good time anyways.
    800m dash 3:09

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