Workout of the day


5 rounds for time
3 kb snatch rt/lft
5 c2b pull ups
7 hspu



36 thoughts on “4/17/12….TUESDAY

  1. 185,205,225 / 6:50 w 35kb, c2b, mod hspu/ 335 superman
    Great am energy!! Glad to be there!
    Thanks, Tony

  2. Boston Mike: DL: 185, 235, 305/ WOD: 7:14 1 abmat
    Monique: DL: 85/105/125; WOD: 6:27 3 abmats in rd 1, 2 abmats for the other rds, 18#kb for first 4 rds, 26# kb for last rd. Left side is weak.

  3. 205/245/295

    WOD: 9:27 rx with 20# vest

    Snatches gave me some technical trouble but I worked through it

    Finished with 20 weight vest burpees
    One set of weight vest wall balls (41 total)
    2 weight vest muscle ups and a weight vest 2k row

  4. DL: 115,135,155
    WOD: 10:something w/ 2 abmats

    And repeat…I will never go on vacation again…I will never go on vacation again…

  5. 180#,215#,255# DL
    5:48 #44
    Finally! After many months of trying to do a Muscle Up, I was able get up and stick it!! In fact, i did 2 Muscle Ups.. Boooyahh!! Thanks Tom, Tony, Joey, and Lizzie for the coaching and encouragement!

  6. DL 155#/185#/205#
    WOD: 7:55. KB 26#(injured shoulder) rd #1 & 2 two Ab mats, rds #3, 4, 5 one ab mat.

    Congrats to Daniel on his first two muscles ups. The video is on facebook for everyones viewing pleasure ūüôā

  7. WOD — 6:06 Rxd

    Great pm groups with lots of energy. Nice to see all the new faces AND some old friends (Vanessa and Lesslie).

    Great job to Jason for his first muscle up. Made it look easy and did 2 before he was done

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