10 thoughts on “4/21/12….SATURDAY

  1. Partnered with Jennifer. We did the WOD in 39:23 with a few mods. Great class and thanks Jennifer for being a great partner!!

    • Wayne..thanks for the help and pushing me through it. It was a tough workout but I felt great after!

  2. That was a good one & a great group. Sara and I did the WOD in 34:35 but with some mods, like 53# for the push press, etc. Still kicked my butt.

  3. Me and the neon stud aka Jdub, aka Joey.
    29:44 rxd plus that nut did it all with a 24# vest.

    Was a great group this morning on this very tough WOD. Good times

  4. My butt is hating those squats around the building. But then again, that’s why I’m at UTC. Lol

  5. Hurt so good… but I admit it… I cheated on the lunges… lunge 10 feet walk 2… Jaz & Manda.. sorry I was the weakest link…. ūüôā

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