17 thoughts on “5/4/12……FRIDAY

  1. Thank you monique!!! Had fun with u this morning. Sorry you had to carry the fat girl 🙂
    Wod: 5 runs 70 band pullups

  2. WOD: 58 pullups/5.5 runs.
    I had fun this morning Sara! And it’s all technique because i know i’m heavy too, and you carried me!

  3. WOD 5 rounds (500m row) and 372m plus 45 pullups. Would have had a few more but didn’t chalk up for the last round and lost my grip.
    Thanks, Tony!

  4. Saved Tom J, Alex D, and Vince’s life with fireman carry, drag, and piggy back.

    8 rounds 130 pullups.
    I hate it when you go all out thinking there’s 12 minutes for the WOD then realize its 20 minutes instead. I’d make a good blonde. Kidding, u

  5. OMG. I meant “Nicole” not Nancy. Sorry Nancy. I promise to get the ladies names right next time.:).

  6. Still no dice on anything having to do with my knee.

    Did this instead:
    3rds: 10 hspu/2 rope climbs (arms only)
    50 t2b
    3 rds: 20 ball slams/30 sit ups

    27:31 rx+ 24# vest

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