During the Spring Break the 7:30 pm class will not be available. We apologize about any inconvenience. We plan to continue this class after the break.

Workout of the day (W.O.D.)
2 power snatches every min for 12 min

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
20 Burpees onto bumper a plate
20 Overhead Squat 95/65
10 Chest to Bar Pullups (ADV. 7 Muscle Ups)


14 thoughts on “3/25/13….Wednesdsy

  1. I tried to get up this morning. I was physically unable to sit up. I had to roll out of bed. Rest day today. Looks like i’m missing a good one.

  2. Snatch #75
    WOD: 1 rd+ 20 burpees (mod pull ups) thise one was very deceiving! After that first set of burpees I was prettt wiped!

  3. 3 rounds for time…
    20 squats
    15 pull ups (used box, feels weird to kip)
    15 dips (blue band)
    10 hang power clean #45


  4. Snatches – 4rds @95, 4rds @105, 4rds @115

    WOD – 100 Reps RX ADV
    – 2 Rounds + 6 Burpees

    +40 Burpees

    Thanks Joey, Brian and Chris for the push! Stoked for 13.4!!!

  5. Snatch: 3rds@115, 3rds @125, 3rds @135, 1rd @140 then my form started getting out of wack so I dropped back down to 125 and did 3rds.

    WOD: 87 reps RX ADV.

    Cash out: 40GHD sit ups

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