4/8/13…. Monday

Upcoming Events:
* Ultimate Sacrafice Hero Wod
April 20th. UTC Crossfit Corona Ca.

(All UTC members are encouraged to register for this event. Please sign up now and show your support . Coach T)

* Vegas Spring International Open IBJJF Championship
April 27th, Las Vegas, Nevada. (I will be competing in this one)


Awesome performances from both Coach Brian and Adrian this Saturday in Long Beach. These guys prepared hard for this one.  Not everyone has to compete but as long as you are setting goals to be better than yesterday than you are what we call DOIN WORK!  UTC the house of improvement!



Strength: push jerk 3-2-2-1
then ,

“Run from the Ladies”

5 Rounds of “Cindy” (5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Squats)

Run 800M

1 Round of “Annie” (50 Double-unders(F-100 singles), 50 Sit-ups)

1 Round of “Helen” (Run 400M, 21 KB Swings(53/35), 12 Pull-ups)

Run 800M


17 thoughts on “4/8/13…. Monday

  1. Push jerk -130#
    WOD-24:00 w band.
    This was a good way to start the week. Hit a lot of muscles and cardio ! Thanks coach Tony 😅you always change it up and keep it real.

  2. Push jerk sucks.. Thanks for the help coach.
    Thanks for pushing me Priysh and Korey.
    Awesome 5:30 group.

  3. Back Squat
    1×5 @205
    2×5 @195

    Front Squat
    3×5 @175

    WOD – 15:49 RX ROW

    Great job everyone!!!

  4. PJ 185

    WOD 14:57

    Junk your time was 14:56

    Great 530 and 630 classes. Way to push your limits everyone.

    Congrads Coach B and Adrian on NLI this past weekend

  5. Got some serious volume in today, but had to do it from home.

    Back squats: 5@225/5@275/5@285/1@305/1@315(f)
    Front squats:

    30 power cleans at 155#: 2:13

    UTC WOD: 16:24 (miscalculated my mileage, my 800m were actually .60 miles, and my 400 was .30, but hey, that’s my fault right?)

    Rest 30 minutes then this with Korey:

    3 rds:
    20 goblet squats (53#)
    5 bar muscle ups
    20 kb snatches

    Then run 1 mile (actually 1.2 miles)

    Then 3 rds:
    15 goblet squats
    3 bar muscle ups
    15 kb snatches

    26:27 rx

    Feels good to train multiple workouts again. Excited to see where my engine gets to this time.

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