Upcoming Events:
* Ultimate Sacrafice Hero Wod
April 20th. UTC Crossfit Corona Ca.

(All UTC members are encouraged to register for this event. Please sign up now and show your support . Coach T)

* Vegas Spring International Open IBJJF Championship
April 27th, Las Vegas, Nevada. (I will be competing in this one)

*On Saturday August 31, 2013 Sixty Five CrossFit teams consisting of FOUR athletes (2 men, 2 women) will arrive at Red Wolf CrossFit in Huntington Beach to showcase why Southern California is the most hardcore CrossFit region in the world. Affiliates and sponsors will be limited to four (4) teams. Athletes will compete in three games level team workouts.  WOD’s will be challenging, intense, but most importantly fun. The top 3 finishing teams will earn a podium spot along with the coveted Shakedown trophy & over $6,000 in prizes.


(For those interested you will be able to tryout for a spot on our team or teams. I will announce a date of this trial soon. Meanwhile, if you feel the desire to compete starting working on RX ing your movements and getting stronger!)


There are several reasons a Crossfitter should own a jumprope!   First of all we jump rope a lot in our workouts, second of all if you ever want to RX a workout you need to learn how to do Doubleunders. Third it is more efficient to do this with specialized speed ropes. Fourth The ropes work best when cut to your size (we will show you how) and lastly we are all out of loaners but have them for sale only at the front desk for your convenience. Get yours now!!!!!!     Coach


Workout of the day

Front squat 3-3-3
Each minute on the minute for 20 minutes
Odd minutes 2 Clean and Jerks @75% of Max
Even minutes 30 Double unders
Post loads to comments.


24 thoughts on “4/9/13…..Tuesday

  1. Front Squats #175
    WOD #165 Rx

    Followed by 2 muscle ups…thanks for the tips Pauly,,soon ill be able to string them together.

  2. FS 125#
    WOD: 85# 1st 1/2- 95# rest singles
    And that’s it for me… Was told last wod with singles…. Guess I gotta get busy!!! No more proceastinating!! 😳

  3. Front Squats
    175, 175, 185

    WOD – 155# RX

    Then hit it again with J-Dubs.

    5×5 Deadlift
    245, 265, 275, 295, 305

    4 Rounds
    – 400 Meter Run
    – 14 Deficit HSPU
    – 7 Power Cleans @155

    Rest after each round exactly how long it took you to complete each round. Score is total working time.

    Time – 17:50 Ish (That isn’t easy to calculate)

    +60 Burpees

  4. Fs 225

    last few sets with 175 rx

    worked on pistols, almost got them, few more sessions and I should be all set.

  5. WOD: Full Cln & jerk w/175# Rx

    I didn’t expect for ppl to complain because I asked for a squat clean for the wod…
    Know your limitations and then defy them!

    “I’m CoachMitch and I approve this message”


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