* San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Athletic Federation Presents:

     S.B.S.D. 2013 Mud Run, May 18 2013  9 am  5k / 12 pm. Youth

(UTC will be one of the sponsors of this event and will have one CHOSEN team of 5 to run.)

* Now taking votes to choose a day for the next Paleo Challenge/ Beach Wod/ Potluck BBQ on May 11. If we do not have enough yes’s for this date then we will push it to June.

 Vote on the blog for May 11 Sat.   Yes or No

Happy Birthday Jesse!    (by the way are those Paleo?)


Squat Clean, 1 rep max


“Birthday Wod for Jesse”

3 rounds for time of: (20min cap)
12 squat cleans 135/95
9 Hspu
6 Muscle ups


18 thoughts on “4/29/13…..Monday

  1. Max squat clean 85#
    WOD 29:27 and now my book of mods, 55#, 2 abmats, band p/u’s & dips
    That is alot of squat cleans. Happy Birthday Jesse!

  2. 1RM squat clean 105#
    WOD 19:08 45#, mod muscle ups and 4 abmat hspu.
    Happy Birthday Jesse!!
    Thanks Tony! !

  3. FS: 115#
    WOD: 23:32 75#/1mat/m/u progression

    Still coming off I/R– taking it slow, and this totally kicked my ass!

    Happy birthday Jess!

  4. Clean squat -105 # on 3rd attempt. Of course that’s when Coach Tony turned around. However Wendy was a witness 😅
    WOD – 16:26 85# / 2 mats / mu progression.
    Happy birthday Jesse

  5. 235# squat clean. new PR
    WOD: 12:50 RX
    Happy Birthday Jesse! Yeah Nikko’s burgers is da bomb! Good work today bro.

  6. 18:50 #35/pike/blueband dips

    I vote for a different weekend.. I didnt realize it was Mother’s day weekend.. I vote for Sunday May 19th.. 🙂 (just because the 18th is that MudRun)..

  7. I’m good with the 11th for the challenge to commence. I’d be interested in the beach wod if there is no ocean water swimming involved. (Shiverrrr)

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