OK so the votes are unanimous for the Paleo Challenge Kick off/Beach BBq Potluck to be held on the 11th of May at Newport Beach/Balboa. PHOTOS  and REGISTRATION are to be taken starting today through Friday sign up NOW! IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE CHALLENGE YOU ARE STILL INVITED!!!   STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS.

This is the first time I have programmed an anniversary wod. For these two genuine people it is an absolute pleasure. Happy 7 to Mr.Jesse and Mrs.Maria Campau. Wishing you many many more years together!

Deadlift. 7 reps E.M.O.M 7 min. @ 70% of 1 rep.

7 rounds:

7 burpees
7 power cleans 135/95
7 box step ups



20 thoughts on “5/6/13…..Monday

  1. 💞 Happy anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Campau 💞
    DL EMOM @ 155# 😶
    WOD: 17:56 1/2 85#, 1/2 Rx
    Legs are dead!!! 😜
    Awesome job peps!!! Everyone pushed it!! 👏👏👏

  2. All best My BFF’s. We love you and will be there to share in the Annivesary WOD.
    #ready to get my butt kicked.


  3. 55# deadlift

    Campau anniversary WOD .. 15:14 45#/ prego burpees…

    Thanks guys for all the good wishes!!! Awesome to celebrate with so many great people!!

  4. AM: 3 rds:
    15 second overhead hold (135)
    15 front squats (135)
    200m run
    6:04 rx

    20 BS unbroken at 245

    Rest 10 minutes then:

    10 min AMRAP:
    6 parallette HSPU (5 inch deficit)
    30 front rack lunge steps (95#)
    60 double unders
    2 rds+1 HSPU rx

    Rest 10 minutes then,

    Today’s WOD: 9:16 rx advanced (165#)

    • Happy anniversary Jesse and Maria!!

      See ya at the 70 year anniversary WOD!

      I’ll bring my cane!!

  5. You guys are awesome. Thankyou for celebrating with us. I haven’t posted as my h as I should. But I am going to try to make a point of it. Wod was great. Tha is coach t. Real ass kicker. 11:35. Rx. Junk your always a beast to keep up with bevel when your sick. Thanx for the push and not letting me give up. Jimbo Slice good to see you again. You left a boy and came back a marine. We are proud of you bro. And I PR my snatch finally. Have been working on it for about a month now and haven’t been able to get over the hurdle. Finally. 165# snatch. I want 200 this year. But have work on my chicken legs. Thanks again UTC for being such a great family.

  6. Deadlifts at #175…my back just wasn’t feeling those deadlifts for some reason,

    WOD: 12:03 RX

    Happy Anniversary Jesse & Maria!! 🙂

  7. Happy Anny! 🙂 May God keep blessing your marriage with more years to come!

    DL: Went from #153 to #133.

    WOD: 16:20 #73. (Burpees for 2 rounds, remaining I did regular push ups.)

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