– UTC will be closed May 12 for Mothers Day

– OK so the votes are unanimous for the Paleo Challenge Kick off/Beach BBq Potluck to be held on the 11th of May at Newport Beach/Balboa. PHOTOS and REGISTRATION are to be taken starting today through Friday sign up NOW! IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE CHALLENGE YOU ARE STILL INVITED!!! STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS.

Check out Edith sneaking in some triceps extensions!


Power snatches 1 rep max

5 rounds of
5 DB Power snatches – left arm. 55/35
4 steps overhead lunges – left arm
5 DB power snatches – right arm
4 steps overhead lunges – right arm
20 double unders
10 knees to elbows


20 thoughts on “5/8/13….Wednesday

  1. PS: 105# (no new pr) I’m chasing that 110# snatch!

    WOD: 12:23 30#db. I should’ve gone with the 35#. The lunges while holding that thing up were harder than i thought they’d be.

  2. Going to the chiropractor today for my back, Think my hamstring pulled a nerve in my lower back. Hopefully be up and running by Saturday.

    Injuries really make you feel your age.

    Set a goal of doing NLI Aug 31, so time to get back on the horse once I am 100%,

  3. PS – 75#
    WOD – 14:04 / db 20# should of done 30lbs w Mo. 😒 but then again I probably would of been super slow.
    Thanks coach Jen for the tips. Always a fun time to WOD w Mo. Thanks for the tips as well. Made sense and it helped me get under the bar. Lol 😉😊

  4. Got a PR of #60 on the power snatch…it’s a little tiny PR, but I had never done more than #45 before so I was a happy camper. 🙂

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