Thank everyone that came out to the Beach on Saturday , It was a blast! Lots of food, good running, good paddling, and most importantly good friends and families. We MUST do more of these!


The 9th Annual San Bernardino Sheriff Department Mud Run!
Saturday, May 18, 2013. Starting Time is 9 AM for the 5K Run & 12 PM for the Youth 1K Run. This event will begin rain or shine. UTC will be one of the many sponsors for this event and will have a booth on site so tell come out with friends and family to run or support or just to hang out! WE have a team running for TEAM UTC. Jesse, Chris, Andy,Crystal and Cheyra, so come out and show support they are gonna kill it.

Paleo Challenge starts NOW! for six weeks we will grind it out for great results in every way. For those registered pick up your score sheets and pamphlets up front. We will have a Paleo Potluck every other Saturday in the lobby starting the 25th for those who are registered ONLY. Use the UTC Paleo Challenge facebook page to share any comments on the challenge. Good Luck!



Deadlift, 6 rep max (no dropping during reps)
Press, 6 rep max
Front Squat, 6 rep max

Cash out: max pull ups (1 attempt)


11 thoughts on “5/13/13…….Monday

  1. DL 185#/ press 70# only 4 times / front squat 135# only 5 times😒 / cash out 15 pull ups and finally did 4 butterfly pull ups in a row 😁 greats job everybody!!!

  2. DL: #180
    Press: #75 1@#80
    FS: #145
    Cashout : 7 pull ups (need to work on grip)
    10:23 RX (still a work in progress)

  3. WOD 135#,50#,80#
    I did do 6 dl’s at 155#, but they weren’t unbroken
    Did 5 press @ 55# but my 6th rep had a bit of a push added.

  4. DL 4@185#
    Press 75#
    FS 105#. For some reason i thought i was doing 115#, but then afterward, i realized it was only 105#. Yep, i’m the accountant who can’t add.
    Pullups: 17

    It was fun working out with new girl Rachel! Welcome to UTC!

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