Happy Birthday to you Coach Tony… I hope you & TeamUTC enjoy your WOD, you are truly forever young…

Lovingly, The Wifey

Coach T Bday WOD

“Forever Young”

5RFT of
8x WB 15/20
8x Pull-Ups
8x Snatches 95/65
8x Floor Wipers (with the barbell)

Cash out:45 weighted plate Squats (45/25)



17 thoughts on “5.15.13…Wednesday

  1. Happy birthday Coach Tony ! 🎉🎉
    After not being able to be come in for 5 days this one totally pumped me up. Needed that !
    WOD- 21:00 band / 2 mats
    Legs felt the cash out 😅😅💦💦💦

  2. No better way to celebrate than with all you beautiful people ! I had blast working out with the 8 am, maybe I’ll come back and do it again with all my pm ‘ers. thank you Jaz for the programming and thank you all for making this the #1 gym in town!
    ” Train for life” – Coach T

    Wod: 11:41 rx

  3. Happy Birthday Tony! Glad to be there for your B’Day WOD.
    19:14 4 abmats, 45#, 10# ball. Thanks Jaz for the celebratory Shake!!

  4. 🎶Happy 🎈birthday day to you chachacha!! 🎶🎈🎉 Happy bday coach T
    Coach Tonys Bday🎈
    WOD: 19:23 10# wb, 1 abmat
    😒Though it was weird hurt my shoulders catching the ball today… So i though it would be ok to go lighter.. same thing though.. Anybody have that problem before?!?

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