UTC News:
Great news and change of plans for this weekend folks! We have back up! Austin/ level 1 will be coaching. So get your Wod in Saturday and Sunday 9am.


Filthy Fifty or Dirty Thirty. (You choose)

50 Box Jumps

50 Jumping Pull Ups

50 Kettle Bell Swings (35#)

50 Walking Lunges

50 Knees to Elbows (MOD Knee Raises or Crossovers and Sit Ups)

50 Push Press (45#)

50 Supermans

50 Wall Ball (20/14#)

50 Burpees

50 Double Unders (MOD 4x singles)

MOD = Dirty 30, 30 reps of each


14 thoughts on “5/31/13…..Friday

  1. Awwweeee filthy fitfty I hate you!!! Can’t wait to do it again but RX this next time… Damn double unders!!
    34: something I think😤
    Great 6:30 class this am… Anne’s Fam keeped up!! Pretty darn good for their first WOD💪💨

  2. Filthy Fifty
    WOD 39:06 , k2c, 10#wb, step
    Thanks Jen. LOL on that my sister does her DU’s just like me, only difference was this is her first darn day doing crossfit.

  3. Filthy fifty – 36:47. Singles / 10# ball
    Glad I did it. Made me sweat ! 💦💦💦
    Good job 5:30amers

  4. 23:57 D30
    Good to see the ladies at 630 get down and dirty and extra-specially filthy!!! Happy to go mornings again:). Summer’s great!!!

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