6/10/13…..Monday…..Paleo day 30……12 more days and counting!

* If you are interested in signing up for the Kickboxing class, please sign up at the front desk. Ask about our member discounts.

*12 more days (June 22) to go till the Paleo Challenge ends ….who will be the winner!

* Post your WOD on the blog and avoid the NO POST PENALTY!

* The GYM will closed on Fathers Day Sunday June 16 th

Mark your calendars and support your Team.  Coach Tom,Coach Brian,Coach Adrian and Tony Shaw will be doin work for Team UTC at the NLI  June 15th.  Meet up the UTC canopy folks and wear your UTC  family gear!


Workout of the day

5 x 3 front squat
5 x 3 press

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

10 push balls (20/15)
10 wallballs
run to street with medicine ball



32 thoughts on “6/10/13…..Monday…..Paleo day 30……12 more days and counting!

    • You could’ve done that last one with 65#. 😝 Now you know you have a new 1 rep max PR coming on your press. Awesome job Anne!

  1. FS 115# x 3 135# x 1, press 75#
    WOD 5 rds and 6 wall balls 10# and 100m row
    Thanks John for working with me today!
    Thanks Tony!

  2. Front squat: #155
    Press: #75

    WOD: 1round + 10pbs, 8wbs
    Asthma attack during WOD, but I’ll be back at it tomorrow full force 🙂

  3. FS: 135#
    P: 80# (was gonna go for 85#, but my shoulder went krickle krackle krickle, so i played it safe. As Brenda says, it’s only Monday).

    WOD: 3 rds + maybe 7 push balls. 14#/10′ (mostly 10′)

  4. Oh, and someone (named Sonia) is stronger than i am. So i expect someone (named Sonia) to start lifting heavier.

    • Hahaha. Definetly not stronger than you. Your being humble and I happen to have a good lifting day. That’s all. I need to keep workig on my form and efficiency. 😉😜
      Too bad we ran out of time. I think we would of increased our weight.

  5. Noon:
    200m, 400m, 600m Run (rest 1:1)
    200m, 400m, 600m Row (rest 1:1)

    205# FS
    155# Press

    WoD: 5 + 10 WBs

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