* If you are interested in signing up for the Kickboxing class, please sign up at the front desk. Ask about our member discounts.

*11 more days (June 22) to go till the Paleo Challenge ends ….who will be the winner!

* Post your WOD on the blog and avoid the NO POST PENALTY!

* The GYM will closed on Fathers Day Sunday June 16 th

* NLI invitational Legendary Competitor . Coach Brian,Coach Adrian and Tony Shaw will be doin work for Team UTC at the NLI  June 15th. Saurday  Meet up the UTC canopy folks and wear your UTC  family gear!

*June 16  Sunday- San Diego Town and Country Hotel is hosting the California Police and Fire Games 2013.   Pauly D and Coach Tom will be competing here. So if your in the San Diego area this weekend be sure sure to check our boys out!

What began in 1967 as the California Police Olympics is continuing to spread its influence across the United States. With the continued expansion of the event to include all 50 states, the games are now known as the United States Police & Fire Championships (USPFC). Property of the California Police Athletic Federation.

The snatch balance is the only one of the three balance exercises that will remain useful in any stage of a lifter’s development. The athlete will start again with the bar racked on the back with a snatch-width grip, but with the feet in the pulling position. The lifter initiates his or her movement with a knee bend and extension as in the snatch push press, but instead of driving the bar up to extension, pushes him or herself under the bar, switching the feet into the receiving position, and finishing in the bottom of an overhead squat.

Snatch balance 8×1


5 Rounds for time of:

5 Overhead squat 135/95
10 Toe to bar
20 Double unders


33 thoughts on “6/11/13….Tuesday

  1. All the way from Des Moines Iowa @ Crossfit 8035
    Front Squat 5×5 @ 145#
    WOD: 3rnds for time
    10 OHS/50 Double Unders
    5:41 OHS@115#/singles

  2. 1st day back after recovering from the flu…. my lungs were not happy w/ me!

    SB: 105#
    Wod: 22:49 RX

    • I know I haven’t worked out with you in a while, but every time I have, your determination and perseverance always seem to amaze me. You fight for every last movement and make sure you get it right. I’m sure there’s a lot of this in the box from others, but just thought it needed to be said. Awesome job!

      • I know! I call her my twin, but really she’s my role model. She never ever quits. And she’s the reason i started rxing pullups.

  3. SB: 80# (didn’t want to mess up my shoulder because i wanted to do rx for the wod).
    WOD: 15:42 – did box-step-ups instead of du’s because of my crippled calf.

    Oh, and NLI needs judges and volunteers this weekend! I’m volunteering for the afternoon shift. It’s really fun and not hard, and you get a free tshirt, free food, and free entry to the event.

  4. 14:53 55# ohs
    About 75% were toe to bar, still needs a lot of work. Thanks Lori and Coach Tony for those last few.

  5. This is me blogging. But not sure it will count.
    I don’t remember my time for once…. I think….
    SB 40#
    WOD: 24: something w/ 45# I will have marks on my whole body all week from the DL 😤

  6. SB – 70
    OHS -95
    Can’t remember the time, but was high because I did the DU… 7:30PM… Have to get myself used to a wod that late…

  7. This one was brutal on my shoulder

    11:20 Rxd

    Time to start scaling down and get ready for NLI on Saturday with Adrian and big Tony Shaw

  8. Snatch balance – 85

    Wod 7:51 rx

    Elizabeth – 4:34
    Power cleans 135
    Ring Dips

    150 Burpees – 9:51

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