” Here is your partner workout folks, if you can make it to the NLI later to come support your athletes with your UTC t-shirt on that would be great. Look for your UTC Team canopy, that’s where we will be” Have a great day!

-Coach Tony.

With a partner complete for max reps:
6 Two minute rounds of:
Row (calories)
Box jumps (Men 24” box, Women 20” box)
Both working at a time (one person on the row and the other doing box jumps for a full round (two minutes) and then they switch). Clock does not stop and there are no rest breaks b/w rounds.

(Run two heats of the 12 min workout if needed). Record team score


With the same partners max reps in ten min. of partner wall ball passes.

(You will only need one heat for this )
Record team score.


5 thoughts on “6/15/13…..Saturday

  1. Partner WOD with Chris P

    Calorie Row – 182
    Box Jumps – 260
    Wall Balls – 217

    Cash Out

    Hang Squat Cleans @ 155

    Time – 5:02

    *And…my back is officially toast.*

  2. Partner WOD w/Sandy
    Row – 144 calories
    Box – 17X? (step for me, rx for her)
    WB – 171

    Thanks Coach Tom! And Korey, you make the mu’s look easy, nice.

      • I’m still on good behavior w/her! 😉 I put the number on the whiteboard, just didn’t remember it for here.

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