We are happy to see our UTC Family growing with new faces and equally happy we have long-time members who are achieving their fitness goals.


Starting Monday June 17, we will begin using a new membership software that will enhance your UTC experience!  Over the next week or so, when you check in at the front desk for your class, we will be giving you a new membership card that you will use each time you come to class.  There will also be a smaller version you can attach to your keys for convenience.  We ask that you scan your card at the front desk to check in for each class.  After you receive your new membership card, you will no longer need to punch in your 4-digit barcode on the keypad.  Simply scan and go warm up for your class!

 As we roll out different features on this software, we will let you know!

 Also, we will be using email a lot more to communicate with our members.  If you haven’t given us your current email address, please make sure to do that now.  We also ask that if you need to communicate with us regarding your membership, please do so either in person at the front desk or in writing by email to info@ultimatetrainingcenter.com to ensure a proper response.

 For those of you still interested in Kickboxing, our special $35 members-only promotion to add Kickboxing to your monthly membership will end on June 30.  Lock-in the lower price now!  Anyone who wants to add Kickboxing after June 30 will have to pay the regular price.

* Paleo Challenge post pics will be taken everyday this week. If you are in the challenge, be sure to take your photos before Sat the 22nd. The Winners will be announced on Saturday followed by a post challenge potluck the following Saturday on the 29th.


(This video was reposted by popular demand.) Valuable information by this kinda funny guy!

Workout of the day

3 Power Cleans

6 Pushups

6 Power Cleans

12 Pushups

9 Power Cleans

18 Pushups

12 Power Cleans

24 Pushups


then, Tabata Squats


39 thoughts on “6/18/13….Tuesday

  1. I was going rep for rep with you Tony. Got me on the push ups. Thanks for the push! Gotta work on my push up endurance.
    WOD 3:24 RX

  2. New to power clean. Only did 33# in 6:00. Really need to feel good about these lifts… struggling.

    Tabata squats were where it was at for me. 18 minimum and 20 max through 8 rounds.

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