Our job as trainers has a few key aspects. Get you moving well. Get you eating above the 80% compliance mark. And build a sense of community such that you’ll want to keep coming back even though our workouts are a lot harder than reading a magazine while you do cardio. Nutrition challenges are a great chance to create the experience of what life would be like if you could be 100% strict on your training and eating. Amazing things happen in 6 short weeks. In the past challenges we had people lose over 10lbs, one lost over 5% The intangible results are even better. Better health metrics. Increased longevity and quality of life.

In just 3 days I’ll be posting this year’s winner. While winning the pot is great,the real win is every person who stuck with and has one more year to play with their grandkids someday or one more great vacation where they hike, bike, wear a bathing suit with confidence, or just enjoy the self confidence with knowing that you’re in shape. – Coach Tony

Workout of the day (wod)

Main site wod

Power Snatch ,1 rep max


21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of:
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds / 55 pounds
Push jerk, 75 pounds

Post time to comments.


35 thoughts on “6/19/13……Wednesday

  1. PS #145

    Did 3 rounds of Row 800 meters and 50 4 count flutter kicks so I wouldn’t destroy my shoulders.

  2. 70# ps – no PR 😕
    17:12 RX I need to get a rhythm on my push jerks so they’re not so broken. Thanks Jeff and Jen for the tips!

  3. Snatch #75 went up easy and got a mental block on 80😠😝

    WOD 11:55 RX (shoulder is still no good)😞

    • nice on the ps AND for the good time rx’ing this wod. 75# was the magic number for the opens and you have it.

  4. Snatch #75
    WOD 14:04 RX

    Thank you Coach Brian for the motivation and support. 7:30 class ROCKS!!!! lol

  5. PS 35#
    WOD 17:37 (I think), 35#

    A big THANK YOU to Coach Brian, Coach Tom, Liz, and Sonia for pushing me to finish!! I really appreciate the encouragement.

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