Congrats again to Carrie and Ron for winning the Paleo Challenge! Lifestyle changes!

Today’s WOD:


Shoulder press
5 min. to find 1 rep max


For Time:
1,200m Run
30 Thrusters, 95/65
30 Pull-ups

Cash out : tabata double unders




41 thoughts on “6/26/13…..Wednesday

  1. Press 65#
    WOD 16:07 35#, band/j
    DU’s – 6 worst round

    BTW, nice job Brenda on the RX! and Wendy for Rx’ing that many PU’s!

  2. Shoulder press max: #85
    WOD: 14:05 #65, bands for 20 pull ups I learned to kip for the last 10!!
    Tabata double unders: 1, I really need to work on these.

  3. New PR for my Shoulder press: 115# -Thanks coach Brian for the recovery smoothie. Great reward.

    WOD Time 13.20 75#

  4. Heavy Snatch
    170# press (no racks. clean then press)
    WoD: 8:44 or 9:44 can’t remember… Chris says 8… either way not bad with a headache.

    176 DBL Unders (tabata)

  5. Strict press after clean from ground #195 (10 pound PR).

    Wod. 12:11. Still NOT a runner. Them of today “SUCKED”. My 5:30 running partners will get it 🙂

    Great job to Ryan, Billy, and Sandra on the press PR’s hope you all liked the smoothie awards

    • read it like 5 times then realized what you wanted to say :D… scrolled down and saw this post… hahahahaha

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