Utc brave young warriors before the fights……..5910_4275624107598_40237798_n


““To be a warrior is not a simple matter of wishing to be one. It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other.”

5 min to establish your heaviest Power snatch.

For Time:

400 m Dumbbell Farmers Carry 55/35lbs

5 Burpee penalty for every time the weights are set down. Burpees can be done upon setting down the weight or at the end of the 400m but included in the time.


13 thoughts on “6/28/13….Friday

    • Awesome 5:30

      PS #145 PR
      WOD 2:32 un broken

      Tabata sit ups n push ups

      Thanks for coming out Korey, going to miss you buddy! Have fun, keep killing it and enjoy your journey!!

  1. Shoulder snatched shrug 125# (easy on shoulder)
    WOD 4:29 200m 35# dB (easy on knees)
    Cash out 50 setups and tabata 4 sets superman 4 sets Vups.
    Thanks Tony!

  2. PS 65# but my form was awful.
    WOD 7:06 rx (4 or maybe 5 sets of penalties done on route)
    tabata situps and pushups w/active “rest”

  3. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeh. Thanks team for makin’ me hustle around the corner… My hands and arms are dead sauce! 😑

    85# power snatch/ 8:35 rx/ 7 penalties… Waaaaa. Great job 6:30 class!

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