Warm up..Tabatta


WOD….for time

50 Ab Mat Sit Ups

30 Snatches (95/65)

800 meter run

30 Clean and Press (95/65)

50 Ab Mat Sit Ups

Post your time.

Competitors cash out : max rep pull-ups .50 box jumps, 1000 m row


38 thoughts on “7/2/13….Tuesday

  1. Tabata Burpee’s
    High 7, Low 4
    WOD 17:04 RX

    Practice on snatches – wow what a differance.
    PR’d on my pull ups! Good day must be the shoes…😊

  2. Tabata burpees: High 12/Low 5
    WOD: 17:53 rx

    And whoever swiped my car (black saturn) this morning had better show up on Thursday with a chamois (shammy) and some touch-up paint.

  3. Tabatas – didn’t keep track :/
    WOD -18:20 I think. RX
    Cash out. – 30 windshield wipers hanging from bar. 10 push ups skinny black band 😅

  4. Weight day for me. Romanian dead lifts , hack squats, seated tricep presses, lat pulls, shoulder presses and sit ups. Total 26k pounds.

  5. Burpees: #5
    WOD: 19:15 in the hot muggy heat of Georgia RX
    competitors cashout: that was crazy, 14 kipping pull-ups!! PR, 1000m row almost killed me
    Great workout

      • Thank you!! Yes I am, it’s just a little harder because their box is way smaller than ours and I have to do all my workouts outside but as long as I get them done and do the work I’m happy

  6. Felt good to be back after a two week hiatus with a tweaked back. Lesson learned: know your limits.

    Tabatas 11/5.

    WOD 18:19 (75#).

  7. 1st round came out strong 9 burpees, 2-7 did 7 burps, last round did 8 = 59 burpees
    Wod 11:34 rx
    Cool down 30 unbroken pull-ups

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