4 rounds for time of:
27 Box jumps, 24″ box
20 Burpees
11 Squat cleans, 145/95#

Teams for Battle of the Boxes are set. ( but subject to change) train hard!



29 thoughts on “7/3/13….Wednesday

  1. I mentally passed out during this WOD! 😣

    A painful 32:23 #65 thanks Jeff!!!
    WM you killed it!
    Michelle your a BEAST! Over achiever with 5 rounds!

  2. Mentally, physically and emotionally drained!!
    Klepto 39:42 RX (5 ROUNDS😔) Oh! 20″box
    I was so upset at myself…. I couldn’t believe klepto took me so long… So I keeped my pace and then everybody finished and I just keeped wishing for Rayleans stamina!!! Lol 😜 Then Wendy gave me the bad news!😤 😱😜 Good job girls!!! Everyone kicked ass!!!

  3. 31:11 @ 115 & 24″
    It was somewhat difficult walking down stairs this morning and I am now finding it even more difficult..

  4. This has been a tough week. Monday was the toughest (in my opinion), and this one is a real close 2nd. WOD: 31:45 I think (my brain stopped working around minute 20.) #24 box, #115. I feel I can eat anything tomorrow!! Happy 4th!! See ya Friday.

  5. 30:34. Small black box jumping/stepping up, 53/43#

    It kicked my butt!! I think I deserve a pool party!

  6. 25:18 RX … Hahaha!! Just kidding…

    This one sucked even with all my mods… Step ups… Prego burpees… I started with squat cleans but switched to power cleans when my belly started to tighten up…

    Moving slow but still in here!!! 🙂

  7. Klepto- if I never see you again, I will be too soon. But thank you fr whipping our asses into shape!
    29:32 #55

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