16 Competitors will be competing at the Battle of the Boxes on Sarurday at Crossfit Kinnick. These athletes have been training very hard for this. Most are first time competitors but have been killers in gym. I am very excited for them to be able to showcase their hard work and dedication. Lets make sure we are all there to cheer them on come Saturday. Of course we will need to sport our favorite UTC shirts to represent our team. If we can all participate at all our functions like we did for the pool party, we will surely show how much Family means to us!

Thank you all for working so hard to improve yourselves physically,mentally and spiritually! Lets make this the life we pass down to our kids.
-Coach Tony

Here is your wod of the day!

Strengrh: practice squat clean

Run 400 meters
10 Deadlift 155/105
30 Double unders
10 hang clean 155/105
30 pull ups
10 Shoulder to overhead 155/105
400 meter run


30 thoughts on “7/9/13…..Tuesday

  1. Was tough today. Not cardio wise but shoulders were dead…I need to work on HSPU’s
    WOD 21:29
    400 meter run
    30 HSPU – 2mats
    10 Deadlift – RX
    30 Double unders – RX
    10 hang clean – #85
    30 pull ups – RX
    10 Shoulder to overhead – #65
    400 meter run

  2. WOD: 20:02 mod: calf raises instead of doubleunders, row instead of run, and 85# instead of 105#. Thanks Jen, for not letting me be an egotistical a-hole! My calf will heal if i treat it right.

    Oh and the hspu’s took hella days.

  3. Damn took too long to post I forgot my time,

    1 ab mat
    hang cleans #135
    everything else RX

    then 3 rounds
    10 Hang Cleans #115
    10 Pull ups

    Thanks Coach T, Coach Mike and Coach Jen.

  4. 20:43
    Run #55 DL HC and STO
    Singles, knee push ups and jump pull ups
    Lots of mods but still finished!!

  5. 14:05
    Row/knee push ups/step ups instead of DU’s/35#
    Mod’s galore!!!! Belly is getting in the way… Too much rainbowing… 😦

  6. Strength: 125# squat clean, finally getting back up there. 🙂

    Wod: not so good… 15:41/ 85#/2 abmats (for a few reps, most were done with 1…)

  7. Tuesday Wod 15:41 w/115. & 95 for over the shoulder
    Mod pike push ups and some DU- getting there 🙂

  8. Squat Clean – #110

    WOD – 19:25 #95 deadlift/cleans, #75 Push Press, pike, Blue Band/Grn Band, Row, Singles.

    I moved to the Blue Band! Moving on Up!

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