Skill Warm Up:

Turkish get up

5 Rounds

24 Good Mornings (45)
7 Burpees
24 Push Press (45)
7 Burpees



<img src=”http://tonyjaz09.filep


31 thoughts on “7/22/13…..Monday

  1. 1 mile run 6:22, still need to shave off about a min

    WOD 19:31 I think Rx
    Lost count, May have done 6rnds or I’m really really slow

  2. 13:43rx …….this one is gonna hurt for days to come!!! Thanks Coach T. for teaching the Turkish twist!!

  3. Sorry to be absent. Will be back by end of week. Did 3 RDS of the WOD at LAFitness 40# in 17:10. Tough!

  4. “There’s always room for J-E-L-L-O!” –Arms and legs that is. oochiemama!

    #35 ran out of time with the 20 minute cap…boo!
    7 burpees shy of 4 complete. I would love to do this one again Coach T.
    …Til we meet again nasty WOD!

  5. WOD: 23:52 mostly rx. I didn’t jump on a few of my burpees. My shoulders are so mad at me for what i did to them yesterday and today (i did Friday’s wod yesterday). But they’ll thank me for it later when i get a new push press pr.

  6. RX wod 10:16

    Battle of the Barricks wod # 2
    5 rounds of 135#
    12 dead lifts
    9 hang clean
    6 push press
    Needed to be under 10:00

  7. 18:55 RX I will never again miss a whole week without lifting, this workout almost killed me, but I love it!!

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