31 Heroes @ UTC

The time is upon us again, August 3 2013 we will be hosting this incredible cause.

Register now 31 Heroes.com under Ultimate training center

The Cause

Honor the 31. Support the 1000s.
The 31Heroes Project exists to honor our fallen heroes killed in action August 6, 2011 through fitness and raise funds for programs that provide support to families of all fallen military heroes—past, present, and future.

Skill: pistols

Amrap 15 min

6 strict pull ups
3 sumo deadlift high-pulls 155//95
6 hand release push ups
3 squat clean thrusters 155/95


33 thoughts on “7/23/13….Tuesday

  1. I mile run 6:25

    I’m with Wendy, 1 Shy from 7rnds and definitely need to get stronger.

    Sumo high pull, tried #155 and couldn’t get it Mod to#135

    Nice job a.m’ers

  2. RX 6 +2hr push ups!!!!! Dang that was heeeereaaaaavvvvvvyyyy for this old man!!!!’ Great job 0530/0630! Welcome back Brandon!!!

  3. Did 6 modified rounds of pull ups, push ups, power clean and press and sumo deadlift high pulls. About 18 min. Finished with 120 situps and headstands.

  4. Almost 7 rnds (short 1 squat clean thruster) #65
    mod pull ups with band tried to do mostly strict, but ended with kipping

  5. 6 rnds + 3 pull ups. 1st round @ 135# but couldn’t hang, had to drop to 125#.
    Yes, gotta get stronger!!

  6. I could have sworn I did 7 rds + 6 pull ups but maybe it was 6 and 6? I’m thinking 7 though because I ended up having to kip for the last few rounds which made me a little faster. So, 6 or 7 plus 6 pull ups. #55

  7. Watching the games master division, These guys are impressive. You only realize how fast these guys are when you compare your times to theirs.

  8. Holy crap this was tough!!
    RX 155# 7 rounds 6 hrpu

    3rd wod of Battle at the Barracks
    53# kb swings
    24″ box jumps
    40 m shuttle run

  9. Pistols…I’ll get you!!! Just need to work on getting up from left leg!!

    WOD: 7 rds + 1 hrpu w/blue band, 55# Thanks Coach Mitch, Chris, and Scott for all the pointers with my power cleans and squat cleans:). Slow, then explode!!! 💣💣💣 Feels good to know what I’m doing!

  10. RX 155# 7 rounds 6 PU

    3rd wod of Battle at the Barracks
    53# kb swings
    24″ box jumps
    40 m shuttle run

    30 HSPU

  11. Tuesday Wod
    6 rounds. 85lbs but I did 5 sq clean push presses at the end of each round since I missed coach Toms white board explanation. Either way, I maximized the Wod 😃👍

  12. Made this up on Thursday. I got 2 rounds and 3 squat clean thrusters rx. I did sct’s on my first round instead of 3. #dummy.
    And strict pullups are really really hard. I had to rest like 15 seconds between each one in the second round.

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