8/1/13…Thursday. Rest or Make up


10 thoughts on “8/1/13…Thursday. Rest or Make up

  1. Took a rest day, no run..
    23 DU w/vest PR ( mad props to Priyesh doing them w/vest the other day, that S@”&t was hard)

    Worked on Thrusters

    3rnds for time

    5 Thrusters #135
    3 Rope climbs

    Thanks for the tips Wendy, Coach Jen and Coach Mike,def need to work on my rope climbs

  2. Did Tuesdays #2 workout. MOD with #35 DB

    Time 13:19

    Double unders for a cool down. And stretched after.

  3. My rest day was awesome-
    30 mins of double-under practice (finally got 5 in a row!) Yay!
    Then 100 sit-ups for time and a really good stretch.
    I felt so rejuvenated after. Loved it!

  4. Yoga in the am for “recovery”

    1730 & 1830 classes
    Sandbag run for time 400m 3:16 x2
    Front squat 45# 5×10
    Strict press 45# 5×10
    Thrusters 65# 5×5, 95# 5×5

    Will practice more tomorrow

  5. Rowed 10,000 meters 43:51….

    Good idea! I was not really tired but my glutes and quads are sore. I worked up one hell of a sweat!

  6. Active recovery…
    #PvC movements
    #then 5×5
    straight leg Snatch 65#
    straight leg Clean 65#
    aka… muscle snatch/clean (go light and slow. get a good stretch and stay focus)

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