Practice rope climb. (Do not use the brown ropes)

For Time
75 Squats
20 Left Arm DB Presses. 55/35
75 Abmat Sit-Ups
20 Right Arm DB Presses
Farmer’s Carry (2 db) to the street and back
400m Run


18 thoughts on “8/2/13…..Friday

  1. Looks tough. Can’t wait till 1830. Looking for partner for 31 Heroes if anyone wants to partner up it would be cool.

    • Well that was a fun warm up. 12:13 with 35# db trying to save my arms for later. See you guys this morning 🙂

  2. 2mile jog 16:22, very very sore!

    WOD 9:48 or :28 cant remember Rx

    Tabata lunges
    Tabata push ups with planks for “rest”

    God job am’ers

  3. Rope climbs were exciting today! Never mad it so close to the tape. Wish I would have reached more mor time! I’ll get it tomorrow for sure!

    WOD- 10:52 #20

    Good 220m cool down walk an stretch after!

  4. WOD 12:15 400m row and 30# dumbbells.
    Great 8am group.
    Thanks Tony!
    Then LAF for leg session, deadlifts, 6×5 toes to bar and 50 situps. I was so much happier before all the big dogs at UTC started pushing the game. Jk

  5. WOD:11:40 with vest + sandbag on the run.
    I can’t say it was RX cuz I had a little bit of knee bend on some of the last presses on the left side.

  6. 11:??
    Skipped the sit-ups …
    200m wobble walk instead if the 400m run..

    Big 8am class…. Love the stretching for the cool down!!!

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