Congrats to the check in winners ! Our winners enjoyed free smoothies from the Paleo Cafe or a UTC Crossfit T-shirt.   Congrats to Amanda, Shawntae, Breanna, Billy, Scott, Ryan, John W and Louana. Keep checking in folks!!!!

31 heroes 2013 at UTC!  What a great bunch that came out on Saturday.   The taco man wasn’t so bad either!1002146_10151760976291348_1281506739_n

Skill work


Perform a 400m run between each movement, perform movements in any order you like:

25 Wallballs 20/14

25 Jumping lunges

25 Burpees

25 Push-ups

Cash out: TBD


19 thoughts on “8/5/13……Monday

  1. 16:15: not rx on wb– didn’t always make height/row 3 rds.
    Guess who’s icing her calf right now?

  2. Skill Headstands without wall! WOD 16:36 400m row, jumping squats instead of lunges, reg push ups (safer for shoulder).
    LAF 6×6 sets of seated rows, bent over rows, shrugs, toes to bar, lever rows.
    Thanks Tony!


    10:00 Rx ( wanna say 9:48 but saw the clock @10 min… right behind Daniel… Go “D”

  4. 16:26
    10#, regular lunges, knee push ups, prego burpees.. 200m wobble walk instead of 400m run

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