10 Rounds:

1 Bar muscle-ups

3 Squat Cleans 165 lbs/ 115 lbs

6 Handstand push ups


18 thoughts on “8/6/13…..Tuesday

  1. WOD: 14:35 95# power cleans, 4abmats,3 pull ups.
    LAF 8×10 cable chest, 6×6 bench press, 6×6 dumbbell pull overs, 3×5 toes to bar.
    Tough day!
    Thanks Tony!

  2. WOD- 19:50 #65 (Brain wasn’t working well this morning so I Might have done 11 rds)
    Thanks for pushing me on the weight Tony and Michelle…if you’re not getting stronger, you’re just staying the same, right?

    • 💪 Absolutely!!! Kim you have shown so much improvement since you have started!!! 👏👏👏🙌

  3. WOD: nursing a back injury resulted in a time of 11:19 w/175# power clean instead of squat clean. SLOOOOWLY but SHUUUUURLY!

    Here is your MODS for the bar muscle ups: chest to bar X 2 or reg. pull ups X 3.

  4. 20:34 65#, pull-ups and abmats
    Messed up the reps for hspu for first 5 rds, so had to make them up at the end. First tear on my hand!!! Strange feeling of hurt and excitement!! Thanks Wendy for sharing your hand repair stuff!

  5. WOD: 105# 8 rds + 2 squat cleans , 2 chest 2 bar mod
    Those made my legs jelly and my shoulders fall off!!👀

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