From Brother John to Coach Tony:
Big day for Karena (his daughter) tomorrow. 13 mile ruck. Her last hike for boot camp, then she graduates. Need a good WOD on her behalf for tomorrow.

13 Rounds for time of:
1 Clean and Jerk 155/110
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats



23 thoughts on “8/12/13……Monday

  1. 😑 Push ups will be the death of me!!!
    WOD: 29:38 95#
    My 1st WOD with all butterfly!!! 💃

  2. Thank you for serving Karena!! God watch over and bless you!

    15:31 rx….chased Jeremy… Bad idea… It wasn’t even close!! Great job Jeremy and all early crews!!

  3. Omg that took me forever !
    WOD – 25:00 95 #
    2 rounds w no band for pull ups
    11 rounds w skinny black band

  4. Glad to honor Karena today! Hope her ruck is easier than her WOD!
    23:15 95# clean and jerk.
    LAF 7x10x2 standing back row, 40# good mornings 4×10, 7×10 cable tricep press, 3×5 toes to bar, 85 situps, 40 leg lifts.
    Thanks Tony!

  5. Slowly, but surely!!!
    28:20 85#, pull-ups rx for rds #1-5, band for the remainder

    Thanks Coach B and Coach Scott for sticking around as I flew solo at 730!

  6. 17:48 only did 8 rds
    35# from the hang …
    No pull ups but did 15 push-ups instead 10 on each rd..

    Getting slllllllooooowwwweeeerrrrr!!!!! 11 weeks left!!!! 🍼👶👶💪💪👏👏

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