Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3



Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings
12 Pull-ups



24 thoughts on “8/16/13…..Friday

      • Ha!!!!!
        That and trying to outrun the Robles sisters, stay with Linda on kb swings, and go unbroken on pull ups and not let Linda catch me …!!! We all have our motivations!!!!

  1. Got to work out with the beast, coach mike. OHS 185# (PR by 30#). WOD 12:40 row in place of run. Thanks for the push coach!

  2. 75×3 OHS
    15:41 b/j pu’s
    There are some ladies names going up on the board from our 6:30 group! I’m talking to you Raylean & Linda….

  3. OHS only 85# x3
    WOD: 14:38 RX my slowest Helen of all time!!! 😣
    Need to work on my cardio hard for the next couple weeks… Or I’m going to die at the Barracks 😳

  4. Sorry I didn’t get back yet – too much STUFF! :(. But I am still working – today:
    15 min mobility inc 500 m row
    6x2x5 rounds Shoulder Press and Behind the Neck Press @ 45#
    5×10 Arnold Presses @18#
    5×10 Lateral Raises @15#
    5×10 Cable Lateral Raises @12#
    5×10 Prone Later Raises @18#
    5×10 Rear cable flys @12#
    5×10 Face pulls @60#
    12 Sumo High Pulls @70#
    12 Dumbbell Front Raises @15#
    20 Back Extensions
    100 Ball Sit Ups

    Hope I will be back next week. Miss everybody and my Fran shakes.

  5. OHS. 195 x 3. 10# PR

    Helen. 10:13 w/ row instead of run

    Then (with Junk, Priyesh, and Coach Tom)
    5 rounds for time of

    5 cleans 185#
    10 HSPU’S

    9:56 Rxd

    • Beast mode!!!! Good work for any man…..!!!!!! I am glad I work out in the am…… You guys would end up putting me in the hospital!!

      • Thanks coach but still chasing you on these cardio days. 7:52 is very impressive Sir

    • Wod 2

      Then (with 3 coaches , junk, Brian n Tom)
      5 rounds for time of
      5 cleans 175#
      10 HSPU’S
      7:11. 185 was extremely heavy did my last set with 185. Shoulder r killing me.

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