8/22/13….Thursday rest or make up!

Nli Battle Ground Series 1
Aug. 24 Sat
Cal State Dominguez Hills

Team UTC’s. Tony Shaw and Andrew Ramirez will be smashing wods at this competition this weekend. Lets get out there and support our athletes. Good luck to the both of them! (Rock your UTC shirts!)


11 thoughts on “8/22/13….Thursday rest or make up!

    • Outstanding Bri!!!! Just scratching the surface of your crossfit capabilities!!! It’s been a blessing having met and helped you along….

      • Thanks Coach Mike!! I’ve loved every bit of the experience and ill be back this winter to get ready for my season! Thanks for pushing me everyday 🙂 now I have to do it on my own!! 😦

  1. 5 minute EMOM each exercise consecutively
    10 box jumps 24″
    10 wall balls
    8 GHD sit ups
    10 burpees
    Then 2 x 5
    135# squat cleans
    5 x 5
    155# squat cleans

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