9/2/13…..Monday. Labor Day Wod

Team UTC came through with top performances in San Diego! Our presence was felt and I had nothing but great comments from other athletes and spectators about our own athletes. You guys all displayed that the hard work was done back home to get there. Like I said you all placed at the top that day and the Individual placements will be announced in the next few days but what really matters to me was that you gave it your ALL and did it like one big FAMILY and had fun doing it! We had positive attitudes and came out hard! If at all you felt you didn’t do well that day, just think about the very first day you stepped foot into our box and look where you are now! How well do think you did now? “Train for life” folks. Congrats!
Coach Tony

Here is your Labor Day Wod:
In teams of four, with only 1 person working at a time, complete the following:
300 KBS 53/35
250 Push Press 95/65
200 Pull Ups
150 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
1600 Meter Medicine Ball Relay 20/14
each athlete runs 400m with medi-ball.



3 thoughts on “9/2/13…..Monday. Labor Day Wod

  1. Great Labor Day WOD. Teamed up with Monique, Hector and Lawrence. Time 49:49 with 35# kb and 65# presses. Great effort from everyone today.
    Thanks Mike and Tom!

  2. Great workout ! I teamed up with rob, did half of every exercise, less break time when it’s only 2 ppl…
    28:17 RX

  3. Thanks Coach!!! Knowing everyone left it all out there!!! 😅💦 Everyone pushed hard!!! Proud of Team UTC!!! 💪

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