6 times through the Snatch complex
1 Power Snatch
1 Hang Squat Snatch

(This is for QUALITY and max weight – add weight if you complete the complex without dropping the bar or sacrificing form – Your coach will tell you!)


30 Burpee box jump

15 T2B

20 KB Swing 53/35

20 Burpee box jump

20 T2B

25 KB Swing

10 Burpee box jump

25 T2B

30 KB Swing 53/35




13 thoughts on “9/10/13….TUESDAY

  1. 145# snatch complex… Did heavy snatch yesterday (3 rep max… 165#) + WoD so shoulder was feeling it.

    WoD: 15:31 Rx

  2. Snatch complex only 45# need to practice more to feel comfortable catching heavier weight..
    WOD: 3rds + 18 Kb RX 😤
    tough on my grip!!!
    Everyone kicked ass today!!

  3. Tue 9/10/2013 was my very first CrossFit workout!!! I loved it!! I wanted to walk away when I saw what the WOD was!! But I took it head on and think I did a great job!! Snatch complex:35lb bar, WOD: 20 of 25 KBS (35lb) Can’t wait for my next workout!!

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