10/28/13……MONDAY….PALEO DAY 1

What a special day we had at UTC on Saturday!  In the Jiu jitsu department “Buchecha” promoted 9 athletes to their respected levels and I promoted 6 of my kids. All were recognized for their commitment and dedication for the sport of Brazilian Jiujitsu. You are involved in a very special and respected sport and lifestyle that will surely change your life as it did mine.  CONGRATULATIONS to you all! keep training!


The UTC Halloween party was a complete success! Saturday night UTC’s monster’s came out in full force. Creepy food, drinks, games and pumpkin carvings were all on the menu for the night. Congrats to the Ninja Turtle family for taking first in the costume contest and congrats to all of you for another epic night for the UTC  family!


Mr. Jeremy Floyd did work at his first competition at the NLI Invitational on Saturday!   Good Job Jeremy, I have a feeling they havent seen the last of you!

Happy Birthday Monique Reece!  Here is your wod.

Swod:   Back Squat  3-3-3-3-3-3


3 rounds of:

41 double unders

10 clean n jerks  115/155

27 box jumps

* If not done shirtless….yes I said SHIRTLESS!  then there is a 41 burpee penalty. (her request of course)

Now shut the doors and get busy!!!!!!


26 thoughts on “10/28/13……MONDAY….PALEO DAY 1

  1. There’s gonna be a lot of nakedness in the box!!! Shirtless…?…and after a gluttonous weekend?!? Wowza!!! All for you Mo! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Yikes… Glad I’m not ready to WOD yet.., otherwise there would be plenty of my post-baby-ab-flab flying around… 😝😜…

    Happy birthday Mo!!!! The Campau family loves you very much!!

  3. Hello Paleo!! Congrats Jeremy n happy bday mo… Too bad it’s not the end of paleo or I’d go full on throttle with it shirtless. Looks like I’ll be getting 41 in tomorrow. PS: y’all goin’ down in this paleo challenge!!!

  4. Happy bday Mo!!!! Today i did a back squat of 85lbs, super stoked and a clean jerk w/ 45 lbs….And 41 burpies i did!!! Maybe on my bday next year i can do it shirtless. Lol. Good work out everyone!!

  5. Happy Bday Mo!!!
    Doing it shirtless is so much easier, inspiring to! Hayooooo!

    Mo’s Magik Mike Wod rx 14:00. Did ten xtra push jerks cuz I got distracted! My bad!

  6. Yay to Wendy, Wesley, Molly, and P-Dizzle for ripping off their shirts!
    BS: 155#
    WOD: 20:22 RX + 24″ box.

    This was tough for me. I might be a little bit mad at me for putting myself through this.

    • Mo not sure how I missed the party but I set the wrong time on my alarm. Thursdays will have to be the day for this one !

  7. This is going to be a little awkward for those of us that have to make it up on Thursday!! Haha happy birthday mo!

  8. Happy Birthday Mo!
    105# Shirtless WOD 15:31 65#,s,s
    good shirtless turnout at 8am…though the only 2 women that did it normally work out with Mo in the early morning so we were too afraid to do the burpee option… 🙂

  9. BS #225 or #245 can’t remember. It all felt heavy

    11:20ish on the WOD with #225 deadlifts instead of Clean and Jerks.

    41 Burpees ( happy birthday Mo)

    Thanks for all the support this weekend, I had a blast. Tried to sign up for the December NLI, but it’s already sold out!!

  10. BS #105
    WOD: 17:29 (shirtless)
    #75 C & J
    20′ Box jump
    Finished by doing 10 burpees with the last person to help them finish.

  11. 115 back squat
    14:24 mod #85, shud of pushed myself a lil harder…. Lil embarrassing in my sport bra :-o. But at least I honored Mo and ran to the bathroom before the WOD !

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