– 15 minute to establish a max weight hang snatch.


12 minute AMRAP
KB swings
Double Unders
Max effort toes to bar with remaining time.

10 thoughts on “11/1/13…….FRIDAY

  1. Damn you hang Power snatch #115

    WOD 11:15, 10 T2B
    Unbroken on all DU
    KB unbroken on 50, then 35/5, 20/10,20,10…. Forearms are shot!!!!

  2. HPS 60#, only because it’s light enough that I don’t have to actually drop under it.
    WOD – RX 212 reps, spent most of my time on the DU’s

  3. Hang Snatch (Squat): 95#
    Thanks for working out with me Jordyn and thanks for the support Lizzie Jay!

    WOD: 290 reps RX. Then, since i only had 10 du’s to do, i did those.

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