11/8/13…..FRIDAY….PALEO DAY 12


Squat Clean 1-1-1-1-1
10, 9, 8, 7……..1x
  • Front Squat (135/95)
  • Push Jerk (135/95)
  • T2B

9 thoughts on “11/8/13…..FRIDAY….PALEO DAY 12

  1. Squat clean:#205

    WOD: 15:02 RX

    then did……

    5 rounds

    10 wall ball
    10 push ups
    20 dbl unders

    7min ish

  2. One of my favorite lifts! Squat clean. 10 lb PR @ 245#. Got it on my 2nd attempt. 1st attempt sucked. My mind wasn’t commited. You gotta commit and go all in!! Boooyah!!
    Wod 16:28 RX

  3. SC – just wasn’t on. I had some kind of block and could not get under it. finally worked on it after the WOD and did EMOM or 4 at 155

    WOD 13:11 RX Thx pauly D for the push

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