11/24/13 SUNDAY.. a note from Coach T

Dear Ultimate Training Center members,

11 years ago, in a 3 car garage with four jiujitsu mats, a punching bag, an agility ladder, cones, a jump rope &  park next door, began the birth of Ultimate Training Center.  Loving sports all my life, martial arts and sports conditioning was part of my daily ritual. Having been a trainer since the age of 20, yes that was 25 years ago, it was always my passion to help others reach goals in which they thought unimaginable.  This is what fueled me and continues to fuel me until this day. Every person that has walked through my door has meant very much to me. We’ve built a solid community in which we will always consider family.  We’ve made lifelong friends &  created memories as a team.  Which brings me to let our family know that we have parted ways with our business partner. With a heavy heart, and on behalf of my wife Jasmin & I, we regret to inform you that Ultimate Training Center/UTC CrossFit will no longer be in Corona, CA.  We are relocating to a soon to be disclosed location.  Though  I may not physically be at the Corona building any longer, your gym, the coaches, and schedule will remain. Please know that we did not abandon you and that due to unfortunate circumstances, the parting of ways was eminent and not of our choice.  We hope that you will remember and keep with you, the strength and community we’ve built personally together.  Keep training and remain focused on your goals.  We  leave you  in good hands.  As for us, TeamUTC  continues..  Stay tuned! #trainforlife #teamutc

For now, the WODs for Corona will now be posted at ultimatetrainingcenter.com “blog” tab  until further notice.


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