The CrossFit Total is a series of three exercises combined into a strength test that was conceived by weight lifting coach Mark Rippetoe in 2006 for the CrossFit community. Consisting of the squat, overhead press and deadlift, the CrossFit Total is designed to be more accessible then the Olympic lifts and assesses whole body functional strength. Followers of CrossFit perform the CrossFit Total every month or so to measure their strength gains.
Prior to attempting the CrossFit Total, it is important to warm up thoroughly. This is best achieved by performing some light cardio and dynamic stretching. Once your general warm up is complete you should then perform two to four sets each of the squat, overhead press and deadlift in preparation of your test lifts. According to Rippetoes’ rule for the CrossFit total, you are allowed three attempts at each exercise to establish your one repetition maximum. Your first attempt should be safe — a weight that is heavy but you have no doubt that you will be able to complete the lift. Your second attempt should be closer to your best and the final lift an attempt at a new personal record. Record the weight of your heaviest lift for each exercise and combine them to calculate your CrossFit Total

Workout of the day
squat, 1 rep max
Press, 1 rep max
deadlift, 1 rep max



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