Partner Wod

20 Minute AMRAP

100 Double Unders(2 singles count as a dub)
80 Situps
60 Pushups
40 Goblet Squats(55/35)
20 Deadlifts(225/155)
10 Kb Swing 53/35

*Only 1 Person works at a time

*Minimum of 5 situps in a row per person


One thought on “6/13/15……Saturday

  1. Flexibility clinic was great! Learned to be aware of my stance and footing when I walk. I’ve been having hip and ankle pain. My squat stance is putting too much pressure on my ankle and hip. The stretching I did before on my own, was actually causing more injury to my hip and ankle. I also had shoulder lat pain for a week. After rolling out w M80 roller, I’m at 90%.

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