6/23/15…….Tuesday. Paleo day 16

Note:  failure to clean up your equipment after working out is a mandatory penalty of 20 burpees.  Hmmm who’s was this?

Paused back squats 5×3 (same weight)  


5 rounds for max reps: 

Toes-to-Bar, 1 min.
Push Press, 1 min. (55/75 lbs.)
Box Jumps, 1 min. (20/24″)
-rest 1 min. after each round

7 thoughts on “6/23/15…….Tuesday. Paleo day 16

  1. Range 20’s-40’s (forgot my score)
    #55/high knees
    I tore skin on my palm doin t2b couldn’t push press like I wanted to on 5th round. Ended on a low cuz i tripped on the box, the only thing I hurt is my ego, ugh.
    See you tomorrow 😈

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