6/24/15……Wednesday Paleo Day 17

Paleo Challenge:  almost 3 weeks in and I just want to express how super proud I am of all of you. I already see the changes in a lot of you. In the previous challenges I’ve noticed after the 3rd week the transformations are really noticeable. So stay strong during the challenge and focus on the prize. Not necessarily the pot $$$, but also remember you are cleansing your body and cleansing your soul. The workout program has been stepped up a little to help you with your transformation, has anyone noticed?  When your not in the gym, stay active. Play sports, surf, run or even practice individual crossfit moves.  Thank you all for pushing and goodluck!     Coach Tony

Ernie puttin in work!  
Skill: pistols

11 Min AMRAP

200 m run 

20 Plate Push-Ups  35/25

20 Jumping Lunges


13 thoughts on “6/24/15……Wednesday Paleo Day 17

  1. I’m still a long way from doing any pistols, but I trust Coach Tony will get me there.

    3 rounds
    (regular lunges)

  2. Friday workout
    10 min deadlifts & v-ups
    #85 18DL& 10 DL
    8 min pull ups & hand release push up
    12 BOX PU & 15 BOX PU

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