1/6/16 …….Wednesday 

UTC 2016 Paleo Challenge:

Today is the last day to take your photo and register. For those of you on the fence, I as a coach and a mentor am dedicated to provide you the tools to improve your whole being physically inside and out, mentally and for some even spiritually.  I have built many fit communities during my career and enjoy doing it. It’s what I do!  But…. I’ve always said you have to get involved and use these tools whether you think it is for you or not. If I didn’t think you could benefit from these tools provided for you than I wouldn’t put it out there. There is always no matter what going to be that person or persons that think they know better. I simply say to that person, take a look at what you’ve accomplished since you first stepped into this gym and never forget how you got there. Stay humble and always stay open to improve more. UTC is COMMUNITY based. So I say to you, GET INVOLVED! Yes we are here for our personal goals but let’s also help others stay motivated. The only way to that is to be part of the community.  When we come up with things as a group please try to get more involved. Show some character and show you care!

Coach T

On that note here is my last cheat meal before my Paleo journey…..I had to!

(Now enjoy this piece on smart goals)

SMART Goals 2016
Goals should be S.M.A.R.T. The acronym has a number of slightly different variations, which can be used to provide a more comprehensive definition for goal setting. Goals with an action plan and benchmarks that have these characteristics are “SMART”. A practical example some of us have experienced in our personal lives can make clear how a SMART goal can help turn hopes into actions that have results. First, an example of not being a “SMART” goal: I will lose weight and get in condition. Get SMART: Between March 15 and Memorial Day, I will lose 10 pounds and be able to run 1 mile non-stop in under 10 minutes. SMARTer: To make the goal really “SMART,” though, we need to add an action plan and benchmarks. They make sure the goal meets the final criteria, “Time based.” They also strengthen the other criteria, especially when the benchmarks include “process” benchmarks for tracking progress on the key actions and “outcome” benchmarks that track early evidence of change and/or progress toward the ultimate goal.
Key Actions:

– reduce my bread intake to 0

– increase my vegetable intake to 2 x per day for each of the next 10 weeks.

– wod 3 x week increase my frequency to 5 x week over the next 10 weeks.


– For process, maintain a daily record of exercise over next 10 weeks.

– For outcome measure % body composition to decrease weekly for next 10 weeks
S – specific, strategic:

Goals need to be straightforward and clearly written, with sufficient specificity to determine whether or not they have been achieved. A goal is strategic when it serves an important purpose in your life as a whole, and addresses something that is likely to have a big impact on you.
M – measurable, motivational

If we can’t measure it, we can’t manage it. What measures of quantity, quality, and/or impact will we use to determine that we’ve achieved the goal? And how will we measure progress along the way? Progress toward achieving the goal is typically measured through “benchmarks.” Some benchmarks focus on the process: are we doing what we said we were going to do? Other benchmarks focus on the outcome: are we seeing early signs of progress toward the results?
A – action oriented, attainable

Goals have active, not passive verbs. And the action steps attached to them tell us “who” is doing “what”. Without clarity about what we’re actually going to do to achieve the goal, a goal is only a hope with little chance of being achieved.
R – realistic, rigorous, results-focused,

A goal makes clear what will be different as a result of achieving the goal. A goal needs to describe a realistic, yet ambitious result. It needs to take you out of your comfort zone toward improvement, but not be out of reach. The focus and effort required to achieve a rigorous but realistic goal should be challenging, but not exhausting. Goals set too high will discourage us, while goals set too low will leave us feeling “empty” when they are accomplished.
T – time-based, tracked

A goal needs to have a deadline. Deadlines help all of us take action. For a goal to be accomplished, there need to be definite times when key actions will be completed and benchmarks achieved. Tracking the progress we’re making on our action steps (process benchmarks) is essential: if we fall behind on doing something we said we were going to do, we’ll need to accelerate the pace on something else. But tracking progress on process outcomes isn’t enough. Our outcome benchmarks help us know whether we’re on track to achieve our goal and/or whether we’ve reached our goal. Benchmarks give us a way to see our progress and celebrate it. They also give us information we need to make mid-course corrections.


9 thoughts on “1/6/16 …….Wednesday 

    • Unfortunately a lot of people fail because of unrealistic goal setting. Glad your on top of it. Now if I can just get the rest of my athletes in my classes to get pumped and respond I would be a happier coach. Lol

      • I’ve actually been measuring. I’m looking forward to the changes to come!

  1. Excellent post, Coach Tony! Thanks for the reminder to be disciplined in our approach towards our setting, measuring and achieving our goals.

    I know you said this should be the year we all work harder on our double unders. Perhaps, a clear goal for me could be: Be able to string 20 consecutive double unders by the end of February. Thanks for allowing us to share our thoughts.

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