Make sure you post your score for the w.o.d.’s  daily. 

Paleo Challenge will start on Aug. 15th, stay tuned for details. What you eat is half the the battle!

Let’s plan the next UTC summer outing, we are open to ideas. i.e. stand up paddle and kayak, hike,  BBQ, softball…..etc.
Pic:  Some of my ninjas


Overhead squats (build to a heavy 1 rep) 15 min.


Complete the following Every 3 minutes for 18 minutes of (6 Rounds):  (try to finish every round under the 3min to rest for the remaining time)

50 Doubleunders 

5 burpees

15 Wall balls (20/14


7 thoughts on “8/3/16…..Wednesday

  1. Def down for paddle boarding or kayaking! Also, would love hiking, heard about two trails that sound dope: Top of the World and Bridge to Nowhere.

    Overhead squats 45 lbs.

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